Retiring Officer Dances To ‘Footloose’ During Final Sign-Off

A retiring law enforcement officer signed off in a very unusual way after serving 30 years in his department.

A video shows Officer Cory Burrows saying, “It’s been an honor and a privilege,” over the radio. He was thanked for his service on the other side by a voice. Then Barrows blurts out, “But first — I’m gonna cut loose!” He jumped out of the car as he cranked up “Footloose” and started dancing on the blacktop. Then he throws his arms in the air and shouted, “I’m done!”

His wife, Lisa Simpson-Barrows wrote in the video caption, “Anyone who knows Cory Barrows knows he had to go out in style to his infamous song!” she wrote, “I think I cried more than he did!! “Not sure if it’s because he’s leaving a job that he loved with all his heart, that I know he is going to miss so very much, or the fact that I’m now stuck with him 24/7!! It’s been a great ride for 30 years, but now he’s ‘Footloose’!”

The video has gone viral and it seems that Barrows by his wife, to do the dance and go out in style. “I didn’t want to actually do it,” Barrows said, “My wife suggested it because she thought it would be funny to share.”


It seems Barrows was known for his moves to ‘Footloose’, so his wife’s request is justified, it seems that normally the officer gets more extreme than the short clip showed.

“I usually go down and do the splits,” he explained, “but I didn’t do it with all the equipment.”

“I think making a sign-off video the way I did made it a little easier for me to handle,” Barrows said. Retiring from a job after spending 30 years at it would have been a very emotional affair for Barrows, but he managed to add some light moments due to his quirky dance.

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