Couple Loses Ring During Romantic Proposal And NYPD Finds It

A couple from the UK who had got engaged in New York, but unfortunately lost their engagement ring during the proposal, finally have a bit of good news.

The NYPD tweeted on Sunday that they had found the ring and were making arrangements to return the ring to the couple.

The couple were captured on CCTV trying their best to retrieve the piece of jewelry which had fallen into the grate, but thankfully the police officers rescued it and cleaned it. The pair are from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the UK, and were named by the NYPD as John and Daniella, and are now back home.

The CCTV images don’t show the moment when he popped the question, but the man can be clearly seen getting down on one knee in an attempt to find the ring. The man even lies down on the floor by the grate, trying to reach the ring, but cannot reach it. The lady said “Yes”, but then she puts her hands to her face in shock when she realizes what has happened. They both crouch down to search for the ring but are unsuccessful.

The NYPD officers tweeted on Sunday and released an image of ring on their Twitter account with the caption: “Here’s a photo of the ring our officers recovered (and cleaned!) Call 1-800-577-TIPS or DM @NYPDTips if you know the happy couple so we can return it to them!”

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