Louisiana Governor Defends Ten Commandments in Schools Mandate

A state governor is defending a new law requiring the display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms, stating that the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian values.

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We live in a time where the principles that once guided our nation are often questioned. This new mandate reminds us of the importance of returning to foundational values. The Ten Commandments offer timeless guidance and wisdom that can positively influence our lives and the lives of our children.

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry explained his stance on a Fox News interview, emphasizing the historical significance of the Ten Commandments. He said, “I didn’t know that living the Ten Commandments is a bad way to live life. I think that speaks volumes about how eroded this country has become. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and every time we steer away from that, we have problems in our nation.”

Governor Landry noted that the Ten Commandments are already present in significant places in the United States. “When the Supreme Court meets, the doors of the Supreme Court on the backside have the Ten Commandments. Moses faces the U.S. Speaker of the House in the House chamber. He is the original giver of law (GOD gave the 10 commandments). Most of our laws in this country are founded on the Ten Commandments.”


The law requires that the Ten Commandments be displayed in large, easily readable font in public school classrooms by 2025. The signs will also include a statement explaining the historical role of the Ten Commandments in American education. This move has sparked criticism and legal challenges, with The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) planning to file a lawsuit, arguing that it violates the separation of church and state.

Governor Landry countered these criticisms, arguing that the separation of church and state is a misinterpretation of the First Amendment. “It’s a metaphor that was breathed into the First Amendment by a liberal Supreme Court in the 1930s,” he said. “All of the founding documents of this nation were based upon Judeo-Christian principles. We’ve got it on our money. We’ve got it all over our Capitol. We have it in the Supreme Court.”

Landry believes that displaying the Ten Commandments can address some of the moral and educational issues in schools today. He stated, “Schools… basically treat kids like critters and yet the Ten Commandments is something bad to put in schools? It’s just amazing, it really is.” He also mentioned signing 18 other bills aimed at reforming Louisiana schools under his “Dream Big” Education Plan.

The inclusion of the Ten Commandments in schools is seen as a step toward grounding children in values that have historically been central to American society. It emphasizes the importance of moral education and the role of religious principles in guiding ethical behavior.

This story encourages us to think about the role of faith and values in our education system. It challenges us to consider how returning to foundational principles can address current issues. Let this serve as a reminder of the importance of integrating ethical and moral education into our schools and daily lives, guiding us to create a better future for the next generation.

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