3 Sisters Sing Uplifting Original Song ‘Thank You Lord’

The three young sisters of Hinge Point are inspiring us today with their official video of ‘Thank You, Lord.’


The sisters are aged between 15-17 and they love to sing and make music together. They sing covers and write their own original songs as well.

Today as they sing the song ‘Thank You Lord’ they are praising God for every up and down situation they faced due to the covid during the last two years.

Hurting, oh how I’ve been hurting
Yearning, oh how I’ve yearned for you
Silence, sometimes I sit in silence
Waiting, waiting to hear from you
But I see it was all for me

On their official YouTube channel, they share that Kalli and Kassidy had graduated from high school on June 2nd, 2022, and during the talks at the graduation ceremony, many students shared how hard Covid was for everyone.

These challenges paved the way for growth and they came out from it stronger than they were before because God doesn’t protect us from the storm but He allows us to be tried and tested so that our faith can grow in Him.

Thank you Lord for loving me enough that you would let me hurt
So I would turn to you
Even when I felt alone, on my own
You were right there by my side
From the bottom of my heart I wanna thank you

We praise God for the encouraging music that these three sisters of Hinge Point are making and are touching the lives of people all over the world.

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