Therapists Goes Above and Beyond To Help Elderly Man Be Baptized by Son

When it’s the matter to save a soul, there is no cast and creed but all are together to lift up a person to get baptized. The nurses and occupational therapist at Adena Rehab in Greenfield, Ohio gathered together to testify this amazing fact. They were literally on action to fulfill the desire of an 85 year old patient, who wanted to give his life to Christ!

85-year-old Dale Hodson is a patient at Adena Rehab. After enduring two strokes in 2005, he had a struggle in using his right side. After a long period of declining health, the elderly man became a resident of Adena Rehab. One of his son’ Matthew Hodson used to worry a lot about his father’s spiritual well being as his father got older. He and his brothers often check in on their dad, asking if he was content with where he was in his spiritual life and the father would mostly reply “Yep, yep, I think so”..

However they continued to pray for their dad and for sure their long awaited prayer was answered by God! Hodson finally decided to give his life to Christ and informed his desire to one of his son, Mike. He was quick to text this happy news to his brother Mattew!

“Dad wants to give his life to Christ and be Baptized,” the text read.

Since he was in treatments at Adena Rehab, they had to brainstorm their father to grant him this wonderful opportunity and they were looking for a way. That’s when the occupational therapists and nurses stepped in, and they have suggested him an official idea to help save the day.

“We are going to inflate a pool outside and run hot water to it and baptize him there,”  Haley Teeters , an employee at Adena said!

Posted by Matthew Hodson on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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