Need a Good Laugh? This Junk Drawer Song by Tim Hawkins Is The Best

Tim Hawkins turns a common household quirk into comedy with his song about the junk drawer. It’s a spot we all have, filled with items we think we’ll need someday. Hawkins starts by noting how everyone, regardless of background, has a junk drawer.

Tim Hawkins Junk Drawer

“I know we got a lot of different people here from a lot of different backgrounds and stuff,” he says. “But that’s what this song is about, how we’re the same. I bet you everybody in this room probably has one of these at your house right now.”

He then humorously lists items that people might find in their junk drawers, like “Canadian coins,” “a birthday candle,” and “Fourteen pens that don’t work.” It’s funny because it’s true. These items, from “an old antenna” to “a knob from an unknown door,” are the treasures we stash away.

Hawkins makes us laugh while pointing out a small, shared habit that connects us. And maybe, just maybe, he might inspire you to sort through your own junk drawer.

WATCH: Tim Hawkins Makes Us Laugh with Junk Drawer Song

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