Tim Tebow’s Mom Shares Incredible Testimony Of How She Refused Doctor’s Advice To Abort Her Son

Tim Tebow is a world renowned athlete and a man of faith who uses his popularity as a platform to speak about the wonders of God.

But recently when the Heisman Trophy recipient’s mother shared her testimony about his birth, it melted the hearts of thousands of social media followers.

One of the best gifts that God ever gave me was to have a mom like you! Thank you for being a role model, inspiration, and such a difference maker for so many people in this world! You are 1 of 1. Love you mom!

Posted by Tim Tebow on Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tim opften credits his mother’s prayer life for his success and his faith life, his father, Robert, was a missionary in the Philippines who had become so overwhelmed the scores of babies getting aborted that he started praying for a son named Timmy, who he would raise to proclaim he word of God.

Soon the whole Tebow family would join Robert in praying for Timmy and soon, Pam Tebow, then 37 years old, found out she was expecting.

Aloha! #family

Posted by Tim Tebow on Monday, January 15, 2018

Pam was said to be ‘high-risk’ by doctors because of her age and was told that she wasn’t carrying a baby but instead that she had “a mass of fetal tissue” that needed to be removed in order to save her own life.

“We didn’t really have to make a decision at that time,” she said during an interview with Focus on the Family. “We had made it years previous because we were determined to trust the Lord with the children that He would give us. And if God called me to give up my life, then He would take care of my family.”

Her pregnancy was very difficult and almost everyday the thought came to her that she would lose Timmy, but with her faith firm in the Lord, she sustained the pregnancy.

The doctors in the hospital in Manila where Timmy was born, were all shocked as they discovered that the placenta was not properly attached during the entire pregnancy; it was truly a miracle birth.

Pam spends her time sharing her testimony throughout the world, and recently she spoke at an event for New Beginnings Mercy House in Monroe, Michigan — a Christian crisis pregnancy center that provides tangible needs for women so they can choose life for their babies.

It has helped birth 50-75 babies in 2018. In 2019, they have already helped with 18 births and one adoption.

Pam said, “It takes a lot of faith to stand for life today,” she said. “Abortion is everywhere and affects everyone. You’re exercising that big-faith muscle when you support this ministry.”

She continued, “He gives us so many opportunities to invest in heavenly things. We need to invest in pro-life organizations mainly because they save lives and invest in women and moms,” Pam said. “And we get a blessing, too.”

She said, “We need to stand up for these special kids — they are a gift from the Lord.”

Happy Birthday to the best mom ever!
Love you Mom!

Posted by Tim Tebow on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pam wrote a book called, “Ripple Effects,” which speaks about her faith and what the Lord has done for her family, which was released on May 7, 2019.

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