Carpenter Trusts God During Hardships And He Delivers Him From All

Todd Dundson is responsible and hard working carpenter and single father. He had debts up to his neck but he trusted God completely and was delivered from not only one, but all of his debts.

Todd Dundson carpenter

He values his family a lot. He’s willing to do anything for his children. This was put into a test when his son got sick. “There’s something about family that is more important and that you will sacrifice and go through anything,” he said. He had to quit his good paying job to spend more time with his son. That’s when debts started to pile up.

He got a new job. It was doing well, but his pay was cut in half eventually. He took other jobs but still, the expenses were too much compared to what he was earning. One time, he had to go to a food bank to sustain them. His savings were also exhausted. Worst, he was several months behind his mortgage payments. He was on the verge of losing the house he worked hard for all these years. This was when he knew he was hit rock bottom.

Todd continued to tithe despite his financial setbacks. He has always believed that God will rescue him from his plight. One Sunday, the pastor uttered a verse which impacted him deeply. He knew in his heart that it was God assuring him that He has seen his needs and He will take care of them.

Upon getting home, he got a call from a previous contractor. He was being hired for a big project. Surprisingly, the contractor agreed to pay him in advance. He was overjoyed to find out $4,000 was deposited to his account the following day. This was enough to pay his mortgage and his other debts. But, this did not end here. He was able to get other good paying jobs from the same contractor and was able to give his family a comfortable life. His son recovered and even, had a small business as well.

Todd’s pay quadrupled but he continued to give. He also, helped people in need in different nations. One can never truly outgive God because His resources are unlimited. It takes trust to believe that God will always, in Todd’s words, “come through for you”.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Psalm 20:7