Toddler Meets New Born Baby Brother For The First Time And Hilarious Reaction

Toddler seems unimpressed by new baby brother

UNIMPRESSED: This toddler doesn’t appear to be too thrilled to meet her baby brother, hilariously staring plainly into the camera, barely acknowledging the new addition to the family.

Posted by ABC 8News – WRIC on Saturday, January 12, 2019

Toddlers go through a big change when they see a new born baby enter their world. They find sharing their parents love with someone else difficult to handle, just like the toddler in this clip found it to be.

The toddler shown on camera is not happy to meet her baby brother, see her reaction when her newborn brother is placed in her lap for the first time. She seems to be shocked at the baby and as it wiggled all around her. Her expression does not change for a whole minute as the toddler is stunned by the new baby. It seems like the parents have a lot of work on their hands.

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