Man’s Cancerous Tumor Disappears After Church Prays For His Healing

Pedro Netto grew up in a healthy Christian home, often traveling with his parents in their ministry. Although everything seemed perfect, he felt empty inside and yearned for a different experience.


As a teenager, Pedro took an interest in basketball. His tall stature attracted admiration from his peers, and he decided to pursue a professional career. People began to recognize his talent, and he felt he had a shot at playing professionally. Soon, Pedro made friends outside of his Christian community and became influenced by a non-Christian environment.

He started experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and parties, seeking fun and excitement. Pedro thought living as a Christian was dull and restrictive, so he pursued a vibrant life full of friends, girls, and adventure. However, he didn’t realize he was spiraling into deep trouble, from which only Jesus Christ could rescue him.

On one occasion, Pedro injured his foot on a train, experiencing an awkward feeling that something was wrong. His parents took him to the hospital for tests, which revealed a cancerous tumor in his left foot. Young and naive, Pedro didn’t pay much attention to the diagnosis, focusing instead on his dreams of playing basketball.

Pedro faced the possibility of amputation to stop the tumor from spreading. People told his parents that he needed Jesus to heal him, so he visited his church and met with his old pastor. The pastor informed Pedro that the congregation would pray for him while he continued attending hospital checkups.

Initial results showed no signs of hope, and Pedro prepared himself for the possibility of amputation. However, God answered the prayers of his fellow church members, and the tumor disappeared in subsequent tests, confounding the doctors.

The moment Pedro learned his tumor was gone, he couldn’t contain his excitement, knowing he had been supernaturally healed. For Pedro, experiencing divine intervention firsthand, after only hearing about it happening to others, was mind-boggling.

Six months of tests, uncertainties, and hopelessness vanished. Excited to play basketball again and reunite with friends, Pedro felt something different inside him. He felt a divine prompting to read his Bible, where he found a verse in Isaiah that spoke of a new thing God would do for him. The words deeply touched him, and he felt an overwhelming wave of love.

In his room, Pedro encountered Jesus and prayed for a deeper relationship with Him. As he sobbed, he felt the Holy Spirit move powerfully within him, healing his emotional wounds. From that day, his life transformed for the better.

Pedro continued playing basketball and maintaining friendships with his teammates, but this time it was different. He began reading the Bible, praying, and leading worship services, sharing his testimony of healing. People were amazed by the radical change in his life, including his close friends.

Born in Brazil, Pedro moved to Portugal with his family when they felt called by God. Now living in the UK, he serves as a worship leader and writes worship songs, following in the footsteps of his mother, a former worship leader. Pedro believes he has a purpose in England, anticipating a significant revival that God will bring about soon. To him, Jesus is not only his best friend but also the anchor that holds him firm amid life’s challenges and remains present through its ups and downs.

Watch the miraculous testimony below.


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