Twin Girls Sings For Their Dying Mother In Heartwarming Video

A family grappling with the loss of their mother due to cancer, shared a video of them singing a Kylie Minogue song, they were surprised to see her respond to them.

It had been a difficult 5 years for Lee Cripps, and his 8-year-old twin daughters as they watched their mother Alex Cripps battle a brain tumor but sadly she passed away on Jan. 10, 2019, leaving her family behind.

Now that his wife is dead, Lee Cripps is documenting their family’s story on his Facebook page, Life without Mummy. He says, that the family is learning to adapt, in a way similar to his wife’s adapting to every new chapter of her brain tumor journey.

He says, “Alex may be gone, but her spirit lives on in all of us, especially our children, Alex’s tenacity, her drive and her desire to achieve. I see that in the girls, they love writing, taking to spending 10 minutes before bed to write a journal, something Alex used to do when we first got together 22 yrs ago.”

Cripps shared a sweet video of Sophie and Lauren singing a Kylie Minogue song to their mother before she died. The girls held their mother’s hand as she lay in her hospital bed, singing the words from “Dancing,” from Minogue’s 2018 album, “Golden.”

He posted the video to Twitter, hoping Minogue would notice, “to see how much her music means to us as a family and I would love for our girls to meet her,” he wrote.

It turns out that Minogue did see the video, and responded to Cripps on Twitter a month after his wife passed away. “Lee, thank you for sharing this tender moment of your girls singing to Alex,” the singer wrote. “I’m so touched and so very sorry for your loss. Sending you and your girls lots of love.”

This brave family is setting goals for families like them as well as for all to follow, because in the 6 weeks after losing his wife, Cripps and his girls have continued their work to bring support to families affected by brain tumors and raise money to help find a cure.

He writes, “As you read this, don’t feel sad for the loss, feel happy for the love she shared, Feel inspired and do a good deed, make someone smile, buy some one a coffee, tell them that they matter, show them you care.”

Making a difference to others lives even though one is in pain, is a sign of real strength, and we admire the Cripps family for this. Much love and prayer to them.

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