Mom Spots ‘Guardian Angel’ Granddad’s Face In The Ultrasound During Miracle Pregnancy

A new mother-to-be had the shock of her life when she saw her ultrasound scan, she said she saw granddad’s face in the scan.

Rebecca Frew (23) defied all odds to become pregnant after suffering years from endometriosis. Doctors had told her and partner, Craig Graham, that she would likely, if not impossible, never be able to have children in her life.

It was at that time that they were getting ready for Craig’s father, Stephen’s funeral that Rebecca discovered she was miraculously pregnant and the family believed it was a divine sign.

She recalls, “The day after Stephen passed away I had extremely heavy bleeding so I got an early pregnancy scan.’ Everything seemed okay with her pregnancy, but when Rebecca shared the ultrasound photo with her family, her mom pointed to a spot that looked like a face and as they looked closely at it, it was shocking.

Rebecca said, “You would swear it was my partner’s dad with his hair and stuff. You could see everything, it looks so like him,” Rebecca said. “I took a picture and was showing everybody and asking if they could see it or if it was just my imagination. Everybody could see it. We were all in shock.”

She and her family believe that it is not a coincidence that granddad’s face appeared in the pregnancy scan, for them Rebecca’s miraculous pregnancy at the time of Stephen’s passing is a divine intervention.

Rebecca said, “I’d been told I couldn’t have kids so this was a big thing,” She added, “It was a pure shock being pregnant, never mind having his dad in the photo. He was obviously a guardian angel and looking after my son.”

Rebecca and her partner have named their now three-year-old son Craig Stephen Graham in honor of granddad as he has brought them the much needed comfort in time of their grief.