Unusual Friendship Between A Dog And Duck Is Melting Hearts

A popular saying goes that a dog is a man’s best friend, but what you’re about to read has never happened before.

There is a lot of lovin’ going on between a dog and a duck who are literally inseparable from one another.

The Bentsen family live in Oceanside, N.Y., and there is an animal friendship in their family like none other between Brody their adorable dog and his bestie, a duck.

Brody follows the duck wherever it goes, and vice versa. Brody’s owner has been witnessing this unusual bond from the time a 12-year-old Tommy Bentsen noticed a nest with 8 duck eggs but no mother duck in it.

Strictly adhering to the guidelines given by wildlife experts, the family were able to help hatch the eggs in 28 days, but sadly, just one of the ducks survived, and since then Brody has taken on a ‘mama duck persona’ to the duck and never leaves it alone.

The family are all praises for it and say that after the mother duck left the eggs alone, Brody stepped in as he is a good natured dog and is now a ‘mama’ to the duck.

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