Vet Earns the Trust of Injured Dog in Touching Video

In a touching video making its way around social media, a young veterinarian named Dr. Thomas Hamilton can be seen winning over a wary, injured dog with an abundance of patience and kindness.

vet treats injured dog

In the video posted on YouTube, the furry patient was brought in with an injury to its left front paw. The dog was clearly hesitant to allow the doctor to examine its hurt paw.

The video begins with Dr. Hamilton sitting on the floor in front of the dog, a gesture that tends to make animals feel more comfortable. The dog appeared to be curious and extended its right paw to the doctor as if to say hello.

Despite this initial interaction, the dog was still not ready to let the vet inspect the injured paw. The doctor asked the dog, “Can I have that one?” pointing to the left paw, but the dog once again offered its right paw.

Dr. Hamilton patiently told the dog, “I’m trying to help you.” He extended both hands to the animal, a practice commonly used to calm a nervous animal. The dog took a sniff of his hands and gave its right paw once more.

After holding the dog’s right paw in both of his hands, Dr. Hamilton finally reached for the injured paw. The dog, now more trusting of the vet, allowed him to look at the injury.

Dr. Hamilton identified the problem as a cracked nail and advised the owner to trim the dog’s nails regularly.

The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.Proverbs 12:10