Grandma Preaches about Rapture to Would-Be Scammer, Flips Script

A grandmother in her 90s outsmarted a scammer with her quick thinking after receiving a suspicious phone call.


Cell phones are a crucial part of life for many people, keeping us connected through calls, texts, and social media.

Sadly, this also makes some individuals, especially the elderly, targets for scammers. These criminals often use phone calls to trick people into giving away money or personal information.

A video that went viral shows a 90-year-old grandmother turning the tables on one such scammer. Instead of becoming a victim, she used the call as an opportunity to talk about her faith.

She questioned the scammer about their belief in God and discussed her own belief in the return of Jesus Christ and the rapture. This approach seemed to throw the scammer off, leading them to end the call out of frustration.

This incident highlights not only the grandmother’s cleverness but also her strength in standing up to deceit. It’s a reminder that being aware and confident can protect us from scams.

WATCH: Grandmother Turns Scam Call into Opportunity to Share Gospel

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