Three Young Men Sing Melodious Cover Of ‘When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven’

The trio from The Samuels is singing joyful praise to the Lord with ‘When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven.’


The young men are blessed with good voices and are singing in different parts on this precious hymn today.

It’s such a joy to see the young generation sing worship unto the Lord; in heaven, there will be people from different tribes praising the Almighty.

Pastor William Orcott Cushing, wrote the words of this famous hymn; he had lost all the joy in his life and was depressed and asked the Lord for something to do.

That’ll be a happy morning over the sea,
When the cares of life shall pass away (shall pass away forever),
He’ll be there to welcome all the ransom and free
When they ring the bells of Heaven on that day

He was asked to write hymns and the ones he wrote were quite popular, then he was asked to do more, and one particular tune was stuck in his head for a long time and then the words “ring the bells of Heaven” came to his mind.

The hymn’s lyrics are about the thought of angels rejoicing over when one person came to Christ in salvation.

When they ring the bells of Heaven (Heaven),
Ring the bells of glory (glory)
When redeemed are gathered on that day (on the hallelujah morning)
Everybody singing (shouting)
What a happy meeting
When they ring the bells of Heaven on that day

Today as The Samuels sing a beautiful rendition of ‘When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven’ we can feel the joy and happiness that only heaven can give us.


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