Homeless Woman Living Out of Car Feeds People On The Street With A Message ‘Jesus Loves You’

Dominick SeJohn Walton, has been serving food to the homeless even though she is homeless herself.


The 27-year-old woman from Houston has been going back and forth between sleeping at her sister’s apartment and sleeping in her own 2010 Chevrolet Malibu.

Walton became homeless after slipping into a depression following surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. She then left her job and started living out of her car.

Walton was recently hired by a nonprofit organization to distribute meals to poor families.

She likes to spend time seeking out homeless people, and offering them food and encouraging them with the message of Jesus’ love.

As she passes out baloney and cheese sandwiches, cookies and applesauce, recipients can read her hand-written message on the bags of food: “God Bless. Jesus loves you. I love you!”

“I started serving meals to the homeless because I understand what it’s like not to know where your next meal is going to come from and that’s the least that I feel like we can do for our community is to give back,” Walton said.

Walton said that many times she uses her own money to buy groceries that she distributes to the homeless and sometimes, she is able to use leftover food from her employer.

She assembles all the bags at her sister’s place, loads everything into her car and takes it to the streets to distribute the meals.

Many homeless people are wary of entering a homeless shelter because of the present coronavirus scare and are opting to spend the night outside in the open.

Walton said she wants to save enough money to start a T-shirt business featuring designs she created herself so that she can make enough money to increase her capacity to give to the poor and needy.

This story has taught us that it really doesn’t matter how much we have before we feed others, what matters is the heart and the motive we are doing it for.

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