3-Year-Old Girl Gives Navy Mom A Sweet Surprise With Her Uncle

A navy mom got the shock of her life when her 3-year-old daughter and uncle showed up unexpectedly flying across the country.

Serena is a Machinist’s mate in the Navy and is based in San Diego while her daughter and uncle who is taking care of her are on the east coast.

Serena’s uncle takes care of her daughter, Ariella while she is on duty.

Serena re-enlisted for 6 more years so that she could give Ariella her post 9/11 bill and give her the means to attend any college she wants to and become a strong individual woman.

She has to be away from her daughter for long periods of time which is painful for any mother, but she is doing it so that her daughter can have a comfortable life.

We salute you Serena for the service to our country and for doing everything for Ariella.

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