84-Year-Old Skydiver Has Jumped Out Of A Plane 600 Times And She Has No Plans to Stop

Kim Emmons Knor, at 84 years old, is not your average senior. With over 600 skydiving jumps to her name, she shared her incredible story on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show.’

84 year old skydiver Kim Emmons Knor

Many people are scared of things like talking in front of a crowd or being up high. Some are even afraid of flying. But Kim isn’t scared of flying or jumping from planes. In fact, she has jumped out of planes 607 times!

Kim’s love for skydiving started when she was very young. Her uncle, who was training with the Navy, came home with a parachute that was torn. Kim used to sleep in it and listen to her uncle’s stories about jumping from planes. This made her want to skydive. “And ever since that day, I just want to jump,” Kim said. “I want to jump all the time.”

Kim enjoys the whole experience of skydiving, especially floating down under the parachute. She likes to open her parachute high up so she can drift and watch the world below. “A freefall is fun and everything, but I love to open high so I can just drift around and watch that world down there passing by,” she explained.

Kim plans to keep skydiving. She wants to make 1,000 jumps.


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