One Man Effortlessly Belts Out All Four Parts Of Ageless Hymn ‘Rock Of Ages’

Acapeldridge reminds us of the beauty of the Cross of Jesus when he sings an acapella cover of ‘Rock Of Ages.’


The lyrics of this popular Christian hymn were written by Augustus M. Toplady, and the music was by Thomas Hastings.

There’s no denying that nothing is as important as the Cross for us Christians because without it there is no redemption and forgiveness of sins.

We love to listen to Acapeldridge doing an acapella version of this timeless hymn today, and what a wonderful job he has done of “Rock Of Ages.”

Michael Eldridge of Acapeldridge is a very popular YouTube artist and today as he sings the words of this ageless hymn we are led to ponder on what Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross of Calvary.

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