5-Year-Old Girl’s After-School Photograph On ‘Eventful’ First Day Will Make You Smile

As schools are reopening all across the country with students and parents getting back into the normal school grind, a funny side-by-side picture of a 5-year-old schoolgirl from Glasgow, Scotland is putting a smile on people’s faces all over the world.


Jillian Falconer shared a picture of her daughter Lucie on her first day of school where she looked all tidy dressed in her school uniform, tie, jacket and hair neatly in place. But the end-of-day picture was a completely different story.

Lucie’s hair was untidy, shirt and jacket askew, tie hanging loosely around her neck, her sparkly unicorn backpack was hung around her arm as she walked, socks falling down, across the grass.

A caption by Barhead news outlet who shared the image on Facebook said, “Jillian’s daughter, Lucie, who started her first day back to P2, clearly had a more eventful day than all of us on Monday!”

Out of all the Back To School pictures we received here at Barrhead News HQ, this has got to be our favourite….

Posted by Barrhead News on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

“Lucie is just like any typical child. When I went to pick her up from school and saw how she looked, I was mortified,” Falconer said. “I asked her what she had been doing at school and she said, ‘Oh nothing, I just played with my friends.’”

Falconer said her daughter bedraggled look was because of the excitement of the first day of school at being reunited with her friends. “Her dad had messaged me from work, asking how her first day went, and I said to him, ‘You won’t believe the state she’s in,’” Falconer said.

Falconer said she took the picture when Lucie was getting out of the car and walking home, she said, “We can’t believe it has gone viral.”

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