Dad With ALS Gets Out Of Wheelchair To ‘Tap Out’ Son At Military Graduation

Frankie Sanchez Sr. is an Army veteran who served his country for 23 years. He was diagnosed with ALS in February 2016 and has been in wheelchair since spring of that year. His son, Frankie Sanchez Jr. also followed his path and joined the Air Force. Sanchez Jr. graduated from basic training and it was a proud moment for the entire family. It’s customary that a new graduate must stand at attention until they are tapped out which is usually done by a family member. Sanchez Jr. stood before his family, waiting for someone to tap him out, but he never expect his dad would do the honors. Frankie Sanchez Sr., got out of his wheelchair, walked over to his son and gave him a huge hug. What a sweet moment for the family!

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