Man in Wheelchair Finds Amazon Delivery Driver Shoveling His Ramp

A simple yet touching story emerges from Mentor, Ohio, where an Amazon delivery driver went out of his way to help a wheelchair-bound man.

amazon delivery driver act of kindness

On his route, the driver came across Don Wheeler’s home. Wheeler, who has used a wheelchair for 20 years, finds snow removal a major challenge. “There’s always a challenge when you got a life in a wheelchair full time, but I always love a challenge,” Wheeler says.

While waiting for his package, Wheeler got a pleasant surprise. Instead of just delivering the package, the driver started to shovel his snow-covered ramp. Wheeler was amazed. “I started hearing noises of somebody shoveling. I was like, is somebody shoveling my ramp? I looked out the window and it was the Amazon driver.”

The driver’s kindness made a big impact on Wheeler. He shared, “He didn’t give me a name… it was purely from the heart.” This story goes beyond regular customer service, showing deep community spirit.

Wheeler felt deeply moved. “My heart wants to cry with joy. It does mean an awful lot. See, I’m getting emotional about it,” he stated. The event highlights the struggles of those with disabilities and the importance of simple kind acts.

God calls us to be salt and light. Let’s help others proactively, showing God’s love like the Amazon driver did for Don Wheeler.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.Galatians 6:2

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