Fellow Student In Tears While Praying For Gunman After School Shooting

Ashley Henson, a student at Arlington, Texas prayed for an 18-year old student, the suspected gunman responsible for the injuries of four people at Timberview High School.

Ashlyn Henson speech

Ashley was very emotional as she uttered this moving prayer for the shooter. “I want to pray for the shooter, Lord God. That you’d touch his mind. Touch his heart, Jesus. That you allow him to see his wrong. That you allow him to feel that remorse and that pain he caused. And that he fixes himself in your eyes, Lord God.” She struggled saying these while trying to stop her tears from falling. The Cornerstone Baptist Church held a prayer service later that day to pray for the victims of the said incident. This was led by their youth minister, Al Curley.

He encouraged the people that no matter what they are feeling and going through, “there’s a place you can go, there’s a God you can run to.” He reminded them that sin is the cause of why things happen and the answer to that problem is Jesus.” At a time of great grief and loss, the only refuge we can run to is Jesus. Particularly at this time when death is prevalent because we are in a pandemic. Jesus’ love for each one of us is not diminished by the severity of our situation. No grief, anger, loss, pain can separate us from His deep, great love.

This incident also became a powerful reminder for everyone to love our families. Ashley also stressed the importance of loving people, especially, their families. She went on to say that nobody thought that this was gonna happen and there’s a possibility that none of them could have made it home that day. The brevity of life is very real especially now that we are in a pandemic. One can never really say how long or short his/her life will be. Just like the four victims of the shooting, they have their whole lives ahead of them, but things have taken a different course.

The assistant chief of the Arlington Police Department, Kanye Kolbye, said that the victims were a 15 year old male, 25 year old male English teacher, female student, and a pregnant woman who fortunately, sustained minor injuries only. Carol Harrison Lafayette, the acting spokesperson of the shooter’s family said that the that the suspected gunman was being bullied and robbed in school. Although, she said that this was not a justification to the said act. It was a form of self-defense. She’s hoping that a proper investigation will be done.

Let’s continue to pray for everyone involved in this shooting incident. May this be a reminder that each person has only one life to live! May we all use our lives to love and serve God and others. May we use the loaned time we have on earth to spread joy, love, forgive, and honor Him in every thing we do!

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12


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