Young Girl Returns to Stage for ‘The Nutcracker’ Dance After Tragic Accident Nearly Costs Her Feet

Aubrey Scaletta, a young girl, went through a serious accident that almost resulted in the loss of her feet. Remarkably, she made it back to perform in “The Nutcracker,” showing her impressive recovery.

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In a distressing incident, Aubrey was playing with a ratchet strap in her father Daniel’s truck. The strap entangled in the axle, dragging her feet out and nearly severing them. Daniel rushed Aubrey to a local hospital. She was subsequently flown to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital for urgent surgery to reattach her feet.

Her path to recovery was arduous, involving a 35-day hospitalization and six surgeries. Aubrey had to relearn walking, progressing from a wheelchair to a walker. Despite these obstacles, she was resolved to dance in her third “Nutcracker” performance with her twin sister, Grayson. On the performance night, she joined the other dancers on stage using her walker, fulfilling a goal that once seemed unattainable.

This experience changed much for Aubrey and her family. Going back to school was hard for Aubrey, who worried about how others would see her scars. She found support and acceptance, which boosted her confidence. Grayson, her sister, had paused dancing during Aubrey’s recovery. She resumed when Aubrey returned, marking a significant moment for them since they had never been separated before Aubrey’s time in the hospital.

The Scaletta family knows more surgeries are ahead for Aubrey. Yet, they feel thankful for the medical attention and community support they’ve received. This Christmas was very special, as they celebrated their time together and Aubrey’s progress.

Aubrey’s story shows determination and the impact of community help. It highlights the strength in overcoming hard situations and the positive outcomes of each step in such a journey.

“It’s so many people stepped up to help us out and prayed for us and took care of us during this time. It’s just been unbelievable, the community support.” said Aubrey’s father Daniel Scaletta.

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