Autistic Man Who Can’t Talk Sings a Duet For The First Time

31-year-old Kyle Coleman has classic autism. It restricts him to speaking only single words and phrases. He’s unable to have any physical contact. However, this brave man has found an amazing way to overcome the odds. His mother Caroline Coleman and his best friend 16-year-old Lottee Brown encouraged him to follow his love to the music. And that has allowed him to interact with other people physically and emotionally. This is the precious moment, Kyle and Lottee sings a touching rendition of  ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ of Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach. His mom Caroline said “He doesn’t normally let people touch him. When she first held his hand he jumped a little bit, and then seem to think ‘it’s okay, it’s Lottee”. She also added “He is unable to have a conversation. Music has rescued him from all of that.”. This beautiful duet has touched the hearts of thousands on social media. It’s really heartwarming.

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