Mom Learns Shocking Fact About Newborn Son, Now It’s A Message Of Hope For Many Moms

A mom is sharing her heart after giving birth to a surprise down syndrome baby so that she can bust the way people feel about it.


Kati Martinez’s video was shared on GMA where she showed viewers the moment it was revealed that something was amiss in the delivery room.

It was 2-years-ago when she was pregnant with Micah and after the delivery, the room started filling up with doctors and NICU nurses.

Her husband was wearing a mask and so she couldn’t really understand or hear him say anything properly.

When finally they gave her the baby, she understood that he had down syndrome, they experienced a variety of emotions like happiness, alarm, peace, and confusion at the same time. But she knew at that time that everything was going to be alright.

People with down syndrome are often held back by society and made to feel that they cannot do what a normal person does. But today while sharing this story Kati wants everyone to know that this is not true.

Kati shares that she was blown away by Micah’s intelligence when she emptied the entire blocks of a puzzle and Micah put every piece back in its place. Not only that but he plays around comfortably with their dog Otis and is leading a very normal life.

What a sweet and beautiful boy Micah is today, he is 2-years-old and plays with his baby sister and kisses her and she kisses him back.

He is blessed to have Kati and his dad who believe in him and want him to grow up, work, have relationships and get married one day.

This inspiring story has touched the hearts of thousands around the world and many people are commenting about their own experiences with their down syndrome children or with others around.

One user commented on the GMA video saying, “There’s a man at my job that has Down syndrome. He drives, he works and he’s the sweetest man at my job.”

Another wrote, “I found out my daughter had Down syndrome at birth. I can literally feel every emotion all over again when your husband was looking at you trying to tell you they think he has Down syndrome. That feeling … of the unknown, the surprise, happinesses, fear. All wrapped in one. My daughter is now 4 & I wouldn’t change a thing. I count her as one of my biggest blessings.. God knows exactly what he is doing.”

One more wrote, “My grandson has Down syndrome but we don’t call that, we call Up syndrome. He is very smart and loving sweet young gentleman. We have learn so much in his 6 years he love to play jokes on people and I am usually the one he gets all the time. I wouldn’t change anything I love my baby to the moon and back.”

Stories like these help uplift people experiencing similar things in a big way. We all need to live our lives and let others live too. Let us be kind and not judge others because there is only one judge and He is in Heaven.

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