Little Girl Tear Up When Meets Baby Brother For The First Time, Receives Another Huge Surprise

Do you like a double surprise on the same day! A girl’s lovely reaction to the arrival of her new baby brother has been winning the internet.

Kaydence goes in to see her mother in the hospital after she gave birth to her tiny baby brother and bursts into tears out of excitement, as soon as sees him.

The mother asks her to feel the baby’s soft pink cheeks and she sobs in disbelief saying “he is so precious”.

Kaydence cries out of joy and can’t even look at the baby, as if she is too scared to look at him.

But the girl doesn’t know that there is another surprise waiting for her, her eyes open wide out of disbelief as her mother says she has to meet another one. She looks over the room, and her dad walks in and the girl jumps into his arms, crying even more louder now.

Not only did Kaydence not know that her baby brother was arriving a week earlier than scheduled but also that her dad was going to be home four weeks early as well from Afghanistan.

What a day to remember for Kaydence. We wish her lots of fun times with her baby brother and her dad.

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