Adorable Baby Laughs Hysterically When He Messed Up His Mom’s Shoe

If you’re having a bad day, watch this short video, and this baby’s hysterical laughter will turn your blues away.


Babies have a way of finding means of getting out of a messy situation. Jude, who just recently turned ten months, gave a burst of hearty laughter when he messed up his mom’s shoe.

This sweetheart puked on his mama’s shoe. He enjoyed every second of his adventure, especially when his mom called his attention. He could not stop himself from giggling and laughing out loud, even after being caught red-handed. This guilty, young man tried to crawl away from the “crime scene” while laughing real hard. He found what he did unbelievably hilarious! Getting mad at this adorable babe was definitely, impossible.

Jude’s contagious laughter has perked up the days of many! As of writing, this viral video has more than 39K views already. Someone commented, “Honestly, with that laugh…I’m never mad at anything that baby does, LOL.” Another one wrote, “What beautiful laughter! This really made my day! So gorgeous! This child is just something else, really God-sent.”

I pray for anyone reading this to have a good laugh today! May you find joy even in mundane things. Be reminded that just like Jude, you are loved and cherished by our good Father.


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