Adorable 11-Month-Old Keeps On Laughing And Giggling When Musician Dad Tries To Beatbox

Jason Manns is a talented actor and musician who is juggling life nowadays as a new father and devoted husband.

Manns is currently chock-a-block full of work and has to shuttle frequently between Los Angeles, Europe, and his family’s home in Bowling Green, Virginia.

So when he returns home, the only thing that gives him joy is spending time with his wife, Krista Manns, and their children.

Manns has a son who is just around a year old and cannot get enough of his dad and the proud dad has often taken to social media to post videos of his baby boy laughing with all his heart and soul at his father’s silly antics.

A recent video of shows his 11 months old at the time, laughing hysterically at his dad’s mouth percussion.


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“My 11 month old son challenged me to a beatbox battle,” Manns wrote on Instagram. “He’s been working on his skills while I was on tour. His lack of teeth gives him an unfair advantage.”

The baby sweetly tries his best to imitate his dad’s noises, but ends up spraying baby spit onto his dad’s face. As Manns starts again, the baby has a long, loud, contagious laugh.

On March 3, Manns againp posted a video of his son’s sweet laughter, in response to Manns’ pretend sneezes. “Let’s be honest. Sneezes are funny,” the artist wrote.

The videos have become viral with it being watched more than 100 thousand times.

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