Adorable Baby Girl Prays With Mom And Dad Before Meal

An adorable moment was caught on camera when a baby girl prayed with her eyes shut tight and holding hands with her mom and dad during mealtime.


Baby Eloise Incorvaia learned to pray when she was just 20-months-old and although she was still a baby, it didn’t stop her parents from teaching her the power of prayer.

It’s so wonderful to see how her mom and dad have instilled faith in her so early in life.

You can see Eloise sitting in her high chair with her arms stretched out holding her parents’ hands and closing her eyes tightly.

Then Eloise’s father prayed, “Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this food, and thank you so much for my beautiful girls. Let this food bless our bodies and keep us safe.”


When the family has finished praying, the sweet little girl is the first one to say amen. She has just started saying words and so when she says amen it sounds like baby gibberish but we can clearly understand what Eloise is saying.

Eloise gave off a beautiful big smile after she finished praying and no wonder it has made millions of people online fall in love with the video. The video has gone viral and has featured on Fox News, The Ellen Show, and The Today Show.

Watch: Adorable Baby Praying Before Meal

Babies are really the most cute and adorable ones and can easily make anyone happy. This baby girl has won the hearts of all who have seen the video of her praying since when it was released in 2017.

We thank God for faith-filled parents like The Incorvias who have given their children a firm foundation in Christ from a young age.


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