Baby Girl Tastes Ice Cream For The First Time, See Her Precious Reaction

Brittani Jernigan loved documenting her daughters’ “firsts” and sharing them on social media. The California native had visited a Baskin Robbins ice cream parlor and shared a clip of her youngest daughter, Blakely.


At 9 months old, Blakely experienced her first taste of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, eliciting an epic reaction.

Derek held Blakely on the tabletop while Brittani recorded the moment her daughter tasted the ice cream cone.

Initially startled by the cold treat, she quickly warmed up to the taste, appearing delighted.

Blakely’s eyes widened, and then she grabbed the ice cream cone with both of her little hands, eagerly gobbling it up. Her parents laughed as she held the cone as close to her mouth as she possibly could.

Derek was concerned his little daughter would consume his entire ice cream cone, although he had only intended to give her a taste. He can be heard saying, “Blakely, let go. Let go,” he implores, but the baby didn’t seem to listen.


This little baby wouldn’t give up the ice cream after tasting the creamy goodness, amusing the internet with her antics.


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