Baseball Coach Nick Mingione Surrendered Everything to God, Then He Witnessed a Remarkable Turnaround

A college baseball coach experienced a big change when he decided to surrender everything to God. This decision led his team to achieve great success.

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Life often brings challenges that can feel overwhelming. During these times, trusting God can bring about significant changes. This story reminds us that when we place our trust in God, He can do amazing things.

Nick Mingione, the head baseball coach at the University of Kentucky, faced a tough moment in 2022. The pressure of collegiate sports is intense, and careers can hinge on a single play. Nick felt this pressure when his team did not meet his expectations. He had some dark days, especially after losing two key players, Cole Stupp and Darren Williams, to injuries.

“2022 was a really hard time for me,” Nick shared. “One of the worst feelings as a coach is to have one of your players get injured. It crushes me personally and it crushes this woman to my left.” Despite these challenges, his team managed to perform well, but they didn’t make it to the NCAA Tournament.

During this difficult period, Nick reached a breaking point. He realized his abilities were limited and decided to surrender everything to God.

“I was hurting like I’ve never hurt before. God taught me a valuable lesson. I did something that I’ve only done two other times in my life and I surrendered. I just finally said, Lord, I’m done. I’m done.”

“I said, Lord, I’m done this battle belongs to you,” he revealed. This surrender was about trusting God completely.

Nick’s decision had immediate results. On May 15, 2022, he made a significant change. He moved assistant coach Nick Ammirati from third base coach to the dugout and took over third base coaching duties himself. This change, inspired by his surrender to God, led to great success for the team. “I cannot do this on my own anymore,” Nick stated. “The Lord put it on my heart that I was not using my spiritual gifts that He’s given me.”

From that day forward, Kentucky’s baseball program transformed. They made back-to-back NCAA Tournaments, reached back-to-back Super Regionals, and won a share of an SEC Regular Season Championship. Most notably, they made it to the College World Series for the first time in the school’s history. “Since that change, Kentucky has experienced more success than ever before,” Nick shared.

Nick’s story shows the impact of faith and surrendering to God. “You can’t make this up. Only God can make this up,” he said. His story reminds us that God can do amazing things in our lives when we trust Him.

Nick’s journey is about faith, perseverance, and the power of surrender. By giving up control and trusting God, he found strength and success beyond his own abilities. His story encourages us to reflect on our own lives and consider where we might need to surrender to God.

As we conclude, let this story encourage us all. When we face challenges, we can remember Nick Mingione’s journey. Surrendering to God can bring incredible changes. Let’s trust in His plan, knowing He can do more than we imagine.