Widow Bids Tearful Final Goodbye To Hero Husband ‘I Promise You That Your Son Will Know You’

Losing a spouse can really be a shattering experience for most, whether the death was due to an accident or a long illness, it doesn’t make a difference to your agony.

Recently on April 3, 2019, detective Ben Campbell with the Maine State Police was killed in the line of duty after he was hit by a runaway tractor-trailer wheel on the I-95 in Hampden.

I haven’t had the words all week…. I still don’t…. I’m not great with words… I’m not great with people, it’s been…

Posted by Ryan Fitch on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Detective Campbell was only 31 years old and would have turned a year older on April 8. He was helping another driver in the snow.

He is being mourned by his wife Hilary and his 6-month-old son Everett. He has apparently left a big gap among his team at Maine State Police as his absence is being felt among his fellow officers and his community.

Posted by Hilary Campbell on Thursday, December 6, 2018

“I promise to honor your sacrifice by never forgetting you…EVER,” fellow state trooper and friend of Campbell, Ryan Fitch, wrote on Facebook. “I promise to do whatever I can to help your family, your agency, and your legacy.” He is being described to “have the heart of a guardian”

His funeral was attended by 3,000 mourners in remembrance and celebration of his life at Portland’s Cross Insurance Arena on April 9. “What does it take to be a Maine trooper?” Maine State Police Col. John Cote asked at the funeral. “If there was a recipe, Ben Campbell had all of the key ingredients.”

So many good words spoken about this man, but it was what his wife Hilary said which was most striking, initially she wasn’t planning to speak before the crowds of people, but she changed her mind at the last minute.

She said, “My name is Hilary Campbell, on April 3rd my son and my life changed forever … If there is anything I can say as I try to wrap my head around it, it would be that we all slow down.”“Take life in. Life gets crazy,” she continued.

Posted by Hilary Campbell on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

“Small things become larger than they should and get more attention than they deserve. Don’t waste your time on it … Don’t let negative emotions fill your heart, because no one has promised you tomorrow.”

Hilary thanked all those who rallied around her and their son since the tragedy. But then she said the most amazing thing, she called Ben the love of her life and promised to raise their son to know his daddy.“I promise you that your son will know you are and how much you adored him because I will tell him every single day,” she said.

Posted by Hilary Campbell on Sunday, July 30, 2017

“I promise to try and make you proud,” she added. “To me, you didn’t just become a hero the morning of April 3rd. You were my hero from the first day I met you. I will always love you. We love you daddy, until we meet again. Thank you.”

Thankful for these heros in all colors.🇺🇸
May you Rest In Peace, Maine State Police Detective Ben Campbell.
It was an honor to know you.

Go Steelers.🖤💛

Posted by Candace Sabol on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Our heartfelt condolences go out to this beautiful family facing such a tragic time, God comfort them during their time of sadness and surround them with love and compassion.

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