How to Start a Daily Bible Reading Habit in 5 Simple Steps

Starting a daily Bible reading habit is a key step in growing your faith. It may be difficult, in our busy lives, to find room for spiritual matters. But it’s crucial for building a healthy Christian life.

bible reading steps

Here are 5 steps to make Bible reading a part of your daily routine. They guide you in creating a habit that deepens your connection with God and your understanding of His teachings. Let’s embrace the riches of the Scriptures together and let them transform our hearts and minds in Christ’s teachings.

1. Set a Specific Time and Place
Building a Bible reading habit needs a regular routine. Pick a time and place where you can read every day without interruptions. This could be early in the morning at your desk or a quiet spot at home. Martin Luther said, “The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me.” Your chosen spot should be where the Bible can really speak to you.

2. Choose a Bible Version and Reading Plan
There are many versions of the Bible. Some, like the NIV, are in modern language, while others, like the KJV, are more traditional. Pick one that you feel comfortable with. Also, choose a reading plan that fits your goals. You might read in order, follow themes, or go book by book. The main point is to understand and think about God’s words.

3. Start with Prayer
Begin your reading with a prayer. This helps you get ready to understand and receive God’s word. Ask for insight as you read. Psalm 119:18 says, “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.”

4. Reflect and Apply
Take your time with your reading. Think about the scriptures and how they apply to your life. Reflecting is just as important as reading. Ask how the day’s reading impacts your life and how you can be more in line with God’s plans.

5. Join a Bible Study Group
Being part of a Bible study group offers support and different views. It’s a chance to share thoughts and learn from others. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Being active in these groups helps you understand better.

Additional Tips for Maintaining the Habit
Keeping up can be hard. Write down your thoughts and prayers in a journal. Use Bible apps and devotionals for new ideas. The goal is to grow closer to God, not just to read every day.

FAQs (People Also Ask)

  • How long should I read the Bible each day?
    It’s more about how well you read than how long. Even 15-20 minutes each day is good.
  • Is it better to read the Bible in order or by topic?
    It depends on what you like and what you want to achieve spiritually. Some people read in order, while others prefer reading about specific topics.

Tips for understanding tough Bible passages.

Pray for understanding, look at different versions, use guides, and discuss them with your group.

Creating a daily Bible reading habit is about spiritual growth and getting closer to God. Remember, it’s a journey. Be patient and let God’s words guide you.

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