Bible Survives Devastating Home Fire, Homeowner Says It Was ‘Sign From God’

An Alabama man says it is a miracle and a sign from God that his grandfather’s bible survived a fire that burnt down their home.

Byrd a veteran and dad of four, lives on the Gulf Coast of Alabama lost everything when a Christmas tree fire burnt down his home of 20 years and destroyed everything in it except: the Bible.

Byrd said, “The fireman actually came out [of the home] with tears in his eyes and he said, ‘you’re not going to believe this, you’ve gotta come see it for yourself,” He said, “This Bible did not have one scorch mark on it.”

The Bible has a cross and the verse John 3:16 etched on the cover was a sign for Byrd that God was working in their lives.

One of the many miracles in Byrd’s life was his daughter Shelby, 7, who is his “miracle baby.” She was diagnosed with leukemia at 2 years old. She went in to a coma and doctors told them she had no hope, but she woke up and today she is in remission.

The house caught on fire on Jan. 8, as they were all at Fishermen Baptist Church, Byrd’s daughters, Shelby and Ashton, 4, were at a princess tea party when he came home to see the devastation. They lost a kitten in the fire, and while the firefighters were searching for their bulldog, they found the family Bible untouched.

Annette Byrd, Scot’s sister, said that their Bible remained untouched by the flames and the water from the firefighters. She said, “The Bible was there. I could’ve taken it to church and kept up with the preacher,”

Annette has started a fundraiser for the family as Scot still owes $20,000 on the home and is looking to rebuild in the area. They have received clothes, school supplies, and beds for Byrd and his daughters from the community.

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