Young Boy Receives Surprise Pup For Birthday And Loses It Hearing It’s a Gift From Late Dad

A 13-year-old boy lost it when he got to know that his new puppy was a gift from his late dad to him.


Logan Kavaluskis was given a surprise puppy for his birthday, but he was in tears when he was told that it was a gift came from his dad, Joe Kavaluskis, who died five days earlier from cancer.


From the moment, Logan had been gifted a Boston Terrier stuffed animal and named it “Puppers,” he had longed to have a real Boston Terrier as his pet. But the only issue was that his dad, was allergic to dogs.

He has had other pets like, lizards, hamsters and hermit crabs in the past, but always wanted a dog.

Logan’s father, Joe, loved giving surprises and when he came to know that his battle of nine years with blood cancer was ending, he decided to plan one last surprise for Logan.


Joe asked his wife Melanie to get Logan a surprise puppy for his birthday, as his last wish, after he died. “I know that will bring him a lot of comfort,” Joe told Melanie.

He passed away on January 8th, just five days before Logan’s 13th birthday. “His golden birthday,” Melanie explained. “Thirteen on the thirteenth.” The grieving family honored him by gifting Logan with the puppy on his birthday.

Logan Kavaluskis did not know that he was being taken to meet his new Boston Terrier named Indy and was under the impression that they were buying a dog for his cousin.

But as Logan held Indy in his arms, his cousin told him that it was for a surprise gift for his birthday and that his dad was behind it all. “Words can’t explain the shock,” Logan said.


The 13-year-old Logan Kavaluskis looks stunned at first, but as the truth sinks in, he becomes emotional. “He got it right. This was amazing. This gift is just perfect. Perfect timing,” Melanie said.

What a beautiful thought the father had for his young son who is facing the worst trial of his life. The little dog, Indy is a real comfort for the entire Kavaluskis family.


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