Police Join Epic Snowball Fight After Responding To Call Of “Suspicious Behavior”

On a snowy day in Duvall, Washington, local police responded to a call about a group of “suspicious characters” in a nearby park only to end up joining them.


The officers of Duvall Police Department found a group of “local hostiles” using “improvised projectiles made out of fluffy snow” to attack anyone who looked their way. Four brave officers approached the danger zone ready to encounter them.


The cops understood that it was nothing but area kids having fun on their school off-day thanks to a snowy day. The kids had assembled for a snowball fight, and they were not going to let the cops stop them! Soon a battle began with the kids hurling snowballs at the cops and the cops returning fire with snowballs of their own, all of them laughing the whole time.


“We show up and we see there’s a bunch of them, so we’re like, could be kind of a tough situation,” Officer Brandon Rhodes later explained. “So we decided to grab our ballistic shields and call in a couple of reinforcements. They all start throwing snowballs at us. We can’t let them throw snowballs at us, so we throw snowballs back, and then they just have too many snowballs.”

The battle ended soon with the local kids prevailing over the cops who also put up a tough fight. “Officers put up a valiant effort but were immediately out-gunned and numbers were just not on their side,” the Duvall Police Department wrote on their Facebook page. “Officers apologize to Officer Clark who was left behind as they tactically retreated.”


“We retreated, tactically, and kind of left one of our partners behind, which was kind of sad,” Officer Rhodes elaborated. “We felt bad, but he was on his own.” Don’t worry he’s okay. Officer Rhodes says these moments are great because it teaches kids not to be fearful of law enforcement and the cops get to chill and have some fun for a change.


“Most people weren’t able to go into work, so we had a lot of people walking around, sledding down some of the streets and stuff,” said Officer Rhodes. “As long as everyone’s being safe, we’d like everyone to have a little bit of fun and we like to have fun sometimes too.”

What a great way to reinforce the confidence of the people in the police force by Duvall Police department. This goes a long way to build trust and improve the way how people perceive the police in the country.

Epic police snowball fight

COPS VS KIDS: Kids in Washington State were having a snow ball fight when local police officers decided to join in on the fun — resulting in an epic battle ❄️

Posted by CBS News on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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