Air Force Officer Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal At The U.S. Open

This year it was the 50th anniversary for the US Open, and the celebration included the 7th annual Military Appreciation.

The grand celebration included the homecoming of a member of the US Air Force and a surprise announcement for his girlfriend.

Senior Airman Antwaun Snipe of the US Air Force has been thousands of miles away from home for the past 11 months serving in Korea.

His girlfriend Dommonique Salley, has been a pillar of strength in his life and a constant part of his life for the last 5 years.

So Antwaun decided to propose to his girlfriend with a beautiful diamond ring center court in the US open.

He shared his plans with his in-laws who gave him the go ahead and invites Dommonique to the US open to view a video that he made for the betterment of the veterans and has no clue what Antwaun is going to do.

As she and the rest are looking up at the billboard, he sneaks up behind her and goes on his knee and proposes to her in the most loving and amazing way.

And the rest is anyone’s guess..

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