Precious Moment As Emotional Boy Holds His New Born Rainbow Baby Brother

A video showing a young boy holding his newborn precious baby brother has been getting a lot of views online.

Losing a baby due to a miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth or infancy death is a painful experience for most parents and the same was for this young family too.

6-year old Mikey always wanted to have a brother, but his wish was taking time to come true.

However, after trying for some years, the family finally were blessed with a small newborn baby boy also called a rainbow baby, a term typically used for a baby born shortly after the loss of previous babies.

The video shows an emotional Mikey, being given his newborn baby brother to hold, for the very first time by his parents, after years of wishing to do so.

It was a very emotional moment for all present there and also for the ones who are watching online.

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