Adorable Toddler With Rare Disorder Plays Outside For The First Time

A kid’s dream of playing outside for the first time in his life was fulfilled and its all captured on camera, keep some tissues handy.


Four-year-old Brody was born with Chiari malformations, which is a rare disorder causing defects in the brain affecting his balance and swallowing.

Brody cannot play outside like a normal kid because he uses a feeding tube and his medicines cause blisters in the sun and he also has difficulty maintaining body temperature.


So for his fourth birthday when Make-A-Wish Foundation asked his mother, Julia Rubin, what gift she would like for Brody,  she simply asked to help him go outside. “I thought the best wish would be like something he couldn’t do like a regular child. We wanted a play area that he could play outside.”

Make-A-Wish employed a U.K company to make a custom tent with temperature control and protected Brody from UV rays. The then constructed a deck in the Rubin’s backyard complete with turf to look like grass. They brought the special tent and let Brody enjoy being in the open.


Brody was the most happiest kid in town as he played in the water and ran around with his friends. This was the best birthday gift ever for this lovely child.

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