5-Year-Old Caught On Doorbell Cam Adorably Reciting The Pledge Of Allegiance

A ring doorbell camera captured an adorable clip of a 5-year-old saluting the American flag.


The video which is winning hearts across the country shows young Preston Satterthwaite who just finished a bike ride with his dad and then ran around to the front of his house.

“I was taking his bike in the garage and I thought he was following (behind) me,” said Preston’s dad, Mike Satterthwaite. “And as I was putting it (the bike) away, I turn around and noticed he was gone.”

Still wearing his pajamas and bike helmet, Preston walks up to the American flag in front of his doorstep and says the pledge of allegiance.

American pride was captured on the Satterthwaite family’s ring doorbell camera, they bought the camera after their old flag and mount was vandalized.

“It was kind of ironic that the moment someone pulled it down, led to us capturing this great moment,” Mike said.

Preston had recently learned the pledge in his kindergarten class and says, “The United States is the best country ever,” Preston said.

For Preston’s parents, Matt and Jessica, this was a family moment they would cherish forever. “It was the typical mom pride moment that I’ll never forget,” Jessica said.

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