Basketball Teams Let Boy With Special Needs Score

It was so heartwarming to see two middle school basketball teams with incredible sportsmanship, as they let a special needs boy score in a recent game.


The crowds present at the game could be seen cheering on the boy with special needs as he scored a basket.

Landon Hayes, 14, from Bolivar, Missouri, has a condition called Global Developmental Delays in 2011, which puts him behind other children his age.

Due to this condition, Landon was not aware that both teams were helping him score the basket, his mom says it has been kept a secret from him.

His local Bolivar Middle School has recognized the boy has a talent for basketball and so his coach, Travis Gregory, made him honorary manager of the team.

Landon’s managerial duties see him record games and occasionally practice – but during a recent game, Coach Gregory wanted him to come in.

He spoke to staff with Bolivar’s opponents, Willard Middle School, on December 14, and they all agreed that Landon would be included in the game when it got out of reach.

With Bolivar losing heavily, the 14-year-old was brought into the game to great applause. Those screams from the crowd only got louder, though, when Landon took the ball and headed down the court and into the paint. Having missed his initial shot, the opposition players gave Landon the ball back, as he tried and tried again. Then, on his fourth shot, Landon managed to sink a basket, causing the crowd to erupt.

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