Bride Expresses Love To Deaf Husband At Altar Using Sign Language

Getting married is the ultimate symbol of love for any couple and it was the same for this bride and groom, because it was a moment they would never forget.

This Brazil couple were a real match made in heaven as they were always there for each other in life.

Juliana Navarro, 35 never had a boyfriend, she was coping with the loss of her dad, and was just losing hope of ever getting married, when she received a random text from Jóse one day.

Jóse, at 45, too was never married and reached out to Juliana asking if she needed someone to talk to. One of his mutual friends had told Jóse that Juliana needed a shoulder to lean on and he was quick to provide it to her.

“I was sitting at home alone in February this year thinking some really dreadful thoughts, while everyone was out enjoying the annual carnival,” Juliana said.

“Suddenly this message popped up on my phone out of the blue. When I read it, I knew it had to be a good sign,” she continued.

It wasn’t before long when Juliana and Jóse were in a steady relationship, and then seven months later, the couple ended up at the altar to become husband and wife.

Juliana decided to take the wedding one level up, and when it was time to exchange her vows with Jóse, she decided to do something that would melt Jose’s heart.

Jóse is deaf, and Juliana wanted to express her love in a way he would understand clearly, she had learned sign language and signed one of her favorite songs to show him exactly how she felt.

She signed the lyrics to “Que Bom Que Você Chegou” (So Good You Came) by gospel singer Bruna Karla. This was her favorite song and meant a lot to her with lyrics like- a “gift sent from God” and “I feel so loved simply for who I am.”

“I chose this music because every word said exactly how I felt about the man who is the first and only love of my life,” Julianna said.

“I practiced secretly at home to make sure my hand expressions were full of the all emotions I felt for him,” she added.
Jóse was in tears and tenderly kissed Julianna on the forehead to show her his appreciation for her loving performance.

Juliana had taken Jóse by surprise on learning sign language, and he had also surprised her by being there when she needed him the most. The loving couple exchanged vows on Sept. 1, with a grand celebration with dance and fun.

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