1000 Israeli Musicians Unite to Perform ‘Bring Them Home’ for Hostages in Gaza

Over 1,000 musicians perform ‘Bring Them Home’ during the ‘Homeland Concert’ at the Caesarea Amphitheatre in Israel. The event was hosted aiming to bring global attention to the hostages held in Gaza.

bring them home song Israel

In a remarkable demonstration of solidarity, the historic Caesarea Amphitheatre in Israel recently became the stage for an extraordinary musical event. Over 1,000 musicians, spanning various ages, backgrounds, and expertise, came together for a singular purpose: to highlight the plight of hostages held in Gaza and advocate for their safe return home.

The brainchild of this impactful event was Talya Yarom, an experienced producer renowned for her large-scale outdoor events. Motivated by a desire to create something meaningful in the aftermath of harrowing terrorist attacks, Yarom envisioned the ‘Homeland Concert.’

The participating musicians responded to Yarom’s call through social media. They were not celebrities but individuals driven by a shared commitment to the cause. They prepared independently, uniting only on the day of the concert to perform in solidarity. The song ‘Bring Them Home’, a blend of Ehud Manor’s classic song “Home” and a part of Israel’s national anthem “Hatikva,” was arranged to express the collective longing for the hostages’ safe return.

‘Bring Them Home’ Lyrics

Another Hour has passed
Another Hour of madness
The weeds have grown in the path and garden
The wind sighed
Opening the shutter
Banging the old wall
As if calling

Home, Home
It’s time to return
From hills and foreign fields
The day is fading and there’s no sign

Home, Home
Before the light is dimmed
Cold nights, bitter nights
Closing in
Until the dawn I pray for you
Bound in the grip of fear
I hear steps

Home, Home
Because it hasn’t yet been given
As was promised long ago

The concert reached an emotional crescendo when the families of the hostages joined the musicians.

The “Homeland Concert” has since gained international recognition, symbolizing Israel’s enduring spirit and the unifying power of music. The event, driven entirely by volunteers, showcased the best of humanity – people uniting for a cause larger than themselves.

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Eileen Redmond
Eileen Redmond

As I watched this awesome scene in Israel, My heart broke for the people of Israel and I couldn’t stop crying. I have been to Israel 2 times and have wonderful memories of my visits. Now to see the destruction of the homes, etc it breaks my heart to see this all because of EVIL. I watch the Israeli news every day to have an update. I pray for the IDF_ 165 now have fought their fight and they are very young soldiers. We need to cover their families with prayer and pray that angels will protect the soldiers still protecting Israel. Also Bibi N and the other men making decisions as they have big decisions to make. And NOT give in to popular -other countries- like Here in Canada- to not give up until the 3 goals are met. God will not give up on HIS people and me as a Christian stand forever with the Jewish people.

Laura Hawk
Laura Hawk

May the shekhinah of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob dwell with and within Israel and her People. Shalom and prayers ️
Bring them HOME