He Was Bullied At Just 12-Weeks-Old, Receives The Kindness Of a Stranger

Brody, the 3-months-old baby was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. And much like other new moms and dads, Sara Heller and Chris Eidam started sharing the pics of their adorable son on Facebook, but the bullies didn’t leave their child too. One of them commented like this “What’s wrong with your son’s face?”. But Sara took this opportunity to educate. She responded to the bully by sharing a link to a medical website which explains what a cleft palate is. Few days later, Sarah went for a dinner with her little son and few friends, where her faith in the goodness of humanity was restored. A server approached her and said someone at another table have a gift for them and handled them a piece of paper. It was a check for $1000 and it read “for your beautiful baby” on the memo line.

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