Cops’ Body Cam Shows Heart-Stopping Rescue Of Two Fire Victims Jumping Out Of The Window

It’s like a scene from an action-packed movie caught by a cop’s body cam. The cops saved the two people who jumped out of the window of their burning house in Montgomery, Illinois.


The fire broke last January 31 at about 12:49 AM in a house in the 200-block of Williamsburg Court. The Montgomery Police Officers and Oswego Fire Protection District responded to the incident. However, the Montgomery Officers arrived first on the scene. They knew that they needed to act quickly for the flames were already engulfing the house. They had to get the two people trapped inside out as fast as they could.

The Kendall County Sheriff’s office posted on Facebook the actual footage of the heart-stopping scene. They wrote, “Before the arrival of fire personnel, Montgomery PD Officers attempted to make entry at the front of the house but were unable to due to smoke and flames. Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputies Giannotti and Mielke heard calls for help from the rear of the residence and rushed towards them.”

Two people could not get out of the burning house because the smoke and flames were everywhere already, making it impossible to get out of the door. One of the trapped victims shouted, “It’s hot!” while the officers were rushing toward their fiery house.

They then resorted to asking the victims to jump out of their second-floor window. The flames raged as the officers were preparing to rescue them. They had a thick blanket/makeshift bed to catch them.

Deputy Giannotti instructed the first person to jump. He broke the fall, which dislodged the body cam from his body. A few seconds later, he told the second one to jump also. Every second counts for, by this time, the flames were already devouring the house.

Deputy Markusic ushered the victims away from the burning house and endorsed them for medical treatment to the Fire and Rescue personnel. The deputies were also checked for any injuries brought about by the raging fire and overwhelming smoke.

“Our deputies are always ready and willing to respond and assist in any public safety situation.” Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird said. He added, “This is another great example of the selfless actions and great care for our community that the men and women of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office demonstrate daily.”

He also emphasized the value of working together. He commended the police department and fire agencies working together “to ensure a horrible tragedy did not occur.”

“We, as a community, are lucky to have all of the first responders who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to help others in their times of need,” Baird wrote.

We are certainly, “better together.” Much will be accomplished if every person would do his part for the community’s welfare as a whole.

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