Hero Bus Driver Spots Young Siblings Wandering Coatless In Freezing Snow, Takes Them To Safety

A Wisconsin bus driver Nicole Chamberlain saved two children from getting frostbites in the freezing cold weather


The temperature was 18 degrees when Chamberlain, a driver, saw a boy and a girl walking about coatless in the snow, as she drove on her route in Waukesha, 18 miles from Milwaukee.

“Whoa!” Chamberlain said, as the dashboard captured her reaction, “Those kids are out without any clothes on!” confirmed a passenger.


The children were not dressed for the harsh weather, especially the younger one, a 2-year-old, who was clad in just a T-shirt and diaper, but had boots on. The boy, 6, was also under dressed.

“Neither one of them had a coat on, and they were headed towards a busy intersection,” Chamberlain said, “I knew there was no school bus stop down there or a school, so I knew right away I had to pull over and help them.”

When they were asked what they were doing, the kids said, they were looking for their grandma.


The bus video shows Chamberlain bringing them into the vehicle and putting her coat over the girl’s legs, and telling them she would find their grandmother.

“We’re gonna figure it out,” Chamberlain told them, as seen on the video. “We’ll keep you warm on the bus, OK?”

Chamberlain called the police, who helped find the grandmother who said she was in the basement briefly before the kids left the house.

No charges were filed or recommended, police said.

Chamberlain said “If that were to happen to my children, I would hope that there would be somebody, a decent human being, that would stop and help my kids.”