Bus Driver Notices Two Lost Dogs In Freezing Cold, Helps Get Them Home Safely

A heartwarming act of kindness from Milwaukee is warming hearts all over the country.

Jamie Grabowski is a bus driver for Milwaukee County Transit System, which is known for its heroics.

Grabowski had just finished her shift on December 18, around midnight, and her bus was empty and she was driving back to the garage and then home, in below-freezing weather when she saw two pups.

She immediately stopped and spoke to them through the window, and as soon as they heard her, they came over with their tails wagging. “Hey, you two! You need to go home right now.” She said. She then coaxed them into the bus, saying, “C’mon, c’mon inside!”

The pit bull and Doberman got into the empty bus, and after a while, they sat down at the back of the aisle. She then called MCTS dispatchers, who got in touch with the Milwaukee police who escorted the pups to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, until their worried owners came to fetch them.

Their owners were searching for them frantically, but couldn’t locate them, as Grabowski later figured out that she had found them 2.5 miles from their home.

“MCTS Bus Driver Jamie Grabowski got to reunite today with the two pups she found,” the MCTS Twitter account shared, along with photos of the dogs, their owners and Grabowski. “She also met the dogs’ grateful family for the first time!”

The animal control center also shared the story, “MADACC was so happy to be part of getting these sweet boys back home,” it said in a Facebook post. “We loved having them around, but were so happy that they were reunited with their owners!”

“Thank you MCTS Bus Driver Jamie Grabowski, Milwaukee County Transit System, and Milwaukee Police Department for being great partners!”

This amazing act of kindness by bus driver Grabowski towards the two pups around Christmas week has reinforced our faith in humanity at a time when people are so caught up in the excitement of Christmas.

Watch: Milwaukee bus driver rescues lost dogs from Freezing Cold

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