94-Year-Old Slept Every Night With A Photo Of His Late Wife, So A Caregiver Gifted Him A Special Pillow

A 94-Year-Old nursing home resident in Preston, United Kingdom was brought to tears when a caregiver surprised him with a pillow printed with a photo of his late wife.

Ken Benbow lost his wife Ada of 71 years in last August. Since then, he goes to bed with a photo of his beloved wife. So the care worker, Kia Mariah Tobin decided to surprise him with a precious gift.

The heartwarming moment was captured on video.

Watch: 94-Year-Old Breaks Down In Tears When Caregiver Gifts Him A Pillow With His Wife’s Photo On It.

“I’ve got you a present,” Tobin said in the video.

“What’s that darling?” the 94-year-old asked Tobin before he received the pillow.


When Benbow saw his wife’s picture on the pillow, he hold it to his heart and started crying. Tobin came over to comfort him.


The care worker hold his hand and said “I thought that might be a bit better than your photograph.”

Benbow replied to Tobin with a hug.

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